A group photo of the full Direct Access Team beaming smiles at the grand opening of the office. A yellow banner ready to be cut is stretched across the entrance.



Direct Access has led the accessibility and inclusion field since our inception in 2004. We are a DOBE™
certified Disability Owned and Operated Business Enterprise, providing our real lived experiences of disability.

We believe that our organisation’s strength lies in our diverse team’s combined talents and skills. Here, you’ll find the brilliant minds, creative spirits, and passionate hearts that drive Direct Access’ vision forward. Each member is unique, possessing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and inspiration. Together, we collaborate, innovate, and constantly strive to deliver excellence in all we do.

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Steven Mifsud holding his MBE on the grounds of Windsor Castle while smiling for a photo.

Steven Mifsud MBE

Director and Founder

A portrait photo of Jude Mifsud, co-director of Direct Access.

Jude Mifsud


Operations Director Steve Dering poses for a photo, smiling, arms folded.

Steve Dering

Director of Strategic Partnerships

A photo of Peter Brassington, a middle aged caucasian man sat on a green desk chair behind a wooden table at Direct Access' office. He is wearing a brown jumper. On the table is a leather binder with a blue ball point pen sat on top.

Peter Brassington

Managing Director

A close-up photograph of Direct Access Consultant Tom Morgan smiling.

Tom Morgan

Senior Access Consultant

A photograph of Education Access Consultant Sophie Malton posing for a selfie outside a school. A sign which reads "Park smart. Park safe" is on the wall behind her.

Sophie Malton

Accessibility Project Manager

A portrait photograph of Direct Access employee, Keir Welch. A young caucasian woman, smiling. She is wearing a red dress and sunglasses. above her head.

Keir Welch

Business Operations Manager

A selfie photo of Direct Access' marketing executive Michael Miller.

Michael Miller

Marketing Executive

A portrait photograph of Ailsa Flett, accessibility consultation manager at Direct Access.

Ailsa Flett

Consultation Manager

A photograph of Access Consultant Jamie Rhys-Martin holding an electric lantern in a field during the Green Space, Dark Skies event.

Jamie Rhys-Martin

Access Consultant

A photograph of Raymond Okon, Direct Access' web specialist.

Raymond Okon

Graphics and Website Lead

Nantwich Town Wolves VIFC captain Craig Acton holding a football with both hands against a green backdrop. His kit features the Direct Access logo.

Craig Acton

Accessible Media Consultant

A photo of Direct Access' Administrative Assistant, Karen Lomas.

Karen Lomas

Administrative Assistant

A photograph of access consultant Jamie Watson smiling.

Jamie Watson

Access Consultant

A profile of Roger Thompson, a consultant at Direct Access smiling at the camera. He is wearing a red polo shirt with a dotted pattern on it.

Roger Thompson

Access Consultant

A selfie photo of a man (Mathew Wilson) with a beard and short-brown hair. He's wearing a green Direct Access shirt.

Mathew Wilson

Field Service Engineer

A photograph of a woman with long black hair, Safina Ahmad, gesturing her hand out while giving a speech.

Safina Ahmed

Bids and New Business

Watch Our


Watch our short video to learn more about us, where Direct Access began, what we do and how we can help businesses to create a more accessible environment.

Steven Mifsud MBE holding a football with the Direct Access logo on it alongside three members of the Nantwich Town Wolves Vision Impaired Football Club



At Direct Access, we strongly believe in the power of community and the empowerment it creates in people who might otherwise feel that they are different.

As a team of disabled people, we know how this feels all too well – so we have maintained a strong connection with and sponsorship of our local disability football team, Nantwich Town Disability FC, who remind us that we are capable of achieving anything, no matter who we are.

As well as sponsoring the Nantwich Town Disability FC team, which provides fresh kits, equipment, and facilities, Direct Access has also committed to sponsoring the clubs’ youth PAN disability football training sessions aimed at young disabled people under 16, and their Nantwich Cubs sessions for children.

As adopters of the Social Model of disability – we are enormously proud to support NTD F.C, increase awareness of inclusive sports, and give back to an inspiring community that thrives and achieves in spite of their differences.

Our firm began sponsoring the club in 2019, and we expect to continue doing so far into the future. For information on club activity, charity events, and details about their PAN disability sessions, check out the Nantwich Town Disability FC Facebook page and drop them a like!



McArthur Glen Cheshire Oaks Retail Outlet exterior.

Designing inclusive retail and shopping spaces for accessibility

It is no secret that the rise of E-commerce, quickly accelerated by changes in people’s spending habits and the realities of our world economy, has resulted in physical retail spaces suffering losses in both consumer and business interest. However, while shopping for our favourite brands has never been easier for

A banner with text reading "Accessible Interpretation of Wildlife" alongside two photographs. One shows a bald eagle stood on a wooden pole, the other a duplicate of the eagle as a tactile, white statue.

Tactile Objects and Models are the Future of Accessibility

Most disabled people from lived experience understand what segregation and exclusion feels like. But ask the average disabled person what accessibility means to them, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a different answer every time. To a wheelchair user, it might mean facilities offering automatic doors, wheelchair ramps, and

A young Caucasian man who is a wheelchair user eats on the terrace of a restaurant with a Caucasian male friend. The friend assists by cutting his food up with a knife and fork.

How cafés, pubs and restaurants can better serve disabled patrons

One of our team’s favourite subjects for blogs, (like this one), is using our combined knowledge of accessibility to make recommendations to business owners about how they can become more inclusive to current and (potentially future) disabled customers. Whether that’s by speaking about issues we regularly identify when we do


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United Kingdom
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D02 XE80.

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