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Access Audits for Local and National Governments

Local and national Governments often have a public sector duty to undertake audits of buildings and services to ensure compliance with legislation. We have worked with government at community, local, regional and national levels to improve accessibility. As well as City and Town Halls we audit the full range of municipal facilities including leisure facilities, council managed residential homes, theatres, museums, recycling centres, etc.


Access Audits for Local Authorities

For Bath & NE Somerset this included auditing the UNESCO World Heritage Roman Baths, for Hertfordshire we have audited over 50 libraries and the Town Hall for the London Borough of Lewisham.

A developing area of work is auditing of proposed legislation and their impact on disabled people. Here at Direct Access we are committed to developing access for disabled people therefore we work with disability campaign groups and Governments around the world to enact their first disability legislation and to advise on access issues.

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