A large print questionnaire alongside a piece of braille paper with a hand touching it.

Large Print and

Braille Documents

A close up of a Braille festival guide for the Nantwich Food Festival 2023. Photos of various guests are on the cover, including Simon Rimmer, Nigel Brown, Jack Stein and Lesley Waters.

Large Print Documents

Many people regardless of disability find it difficult to read standard print and would benefit from the clarity of large print. It is not as simple as using a large font or expanding on a copier – documents need to be reformatted and edited in accordance with UKAAF guidelines, which Direct Access does from our Media and Innovation Centre, using our own in-house equipment.

Our Large Print services help your clients and employees with partial sight, dyslexia or age-related sight loss. We can produce from supplied text into A4 and A3 formats, as well as booklet formats.

Pictured is an example of a guide that we produced for our local food festival, utilising both Large Print and English Braille with few compromises to the organisation’s desired aesthetic choices.


Using the latest Index Embossers, we can produce Braille prints in A4 and A3 formats ranging from healthcare or financial letter to legal documents and company brochures. They are bound according to preference and checked by our proof-readers.

We transcribe most standard documents or text into Braille in accordance with the standards set by the UK Association of Accessible Formats. When we receive your documents, we reformat the content and layout into a way that is understandable by the reader. Tables and images are produced in tactile format as appropriate.

We deal with confidential information and operate within a secure environment with our offices in our own secure compound with CCTV and security doors. Staff are subject to CRB checks, sign a confidentiality agreement and Direct Access is Cyber Essentials certified.

A man in a green polo shirt wearing gloves reaches into a large 3D printer to ready the space for construction of a 3D model.

3D Printed

Tactile Models



An open folder with a simplified, large print accessible menu inside listing a selection of teas and cool refreshing drinks.



An old blind man on a park bench listens to an audio description on his phone with his cane leaning against the bench.

Audio description

and transcription

A young woman signs BSL to a man set opposite her in an office space.


BSL Videos

A large print questionnaire alongside a piece of braille paper with a hand touching it.


and Large print

Direct Lens

Enhanced Accessible Communication

EAC Codes

A row of five swell maps, all detailing the same location - A History Through Objects museum exhibition, spread out on a table at the Direct Access offices.

Tactile and

Sensory Maps

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