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Accessibility audits are a key service in guaranteeing the provision of disability access, but not everyone wants to read a long document based report. At Direct Access, we can deliver accessibility audits in a similarly exacting detail within a more digestible video format.

Our Walk and Talk accessibility audits are readily available and perfect for any building, venue or space owner looking to ensure a safe, barrier-free and sustainable environment that adapts to the needs of disabled people from all walks of life.

What is a Walk and Talk Audit?

Walk and Talk accessibility audits begin with our team enlisting an Access Consultant that has a background or knowledge of the facility’s services or purpose. We will then arrange for this auditor to visit your site and take a journey throughout the space, identifying and noting potential improvements within a video or photographic format. The video will include dialogue descriptions that explain an identified issue within the site’s build as well as recommend ways to appropriately improve the issue.

The videos will be educational to the viewer, detailing best practice accessibility adaptations that meet the requirements of relevant national and local laws and legislation, in addition to the key principles of inclusive design, which the viewer can then use for future adaptations of their site.

Check out a small snippet of one of our Walk and Talk accessibility audits.

“The QR code is excellent, it allows people who prefer to utilise their own devices and assistive technology access to the information almost instantaneously – very impressive. It also provides an alternative way of consuming the material so people have choice“

– Grosvenor Museum, Chester

How do I receive my access audit?

Once the video footage has been submitted to our editors, the Consultant will then record commentary on their findings which will match the corresponding visual within the video report. The final footage is then delivered to our clients along with guidance on improvements to the facility.

In addition to the video report, Direct Access will also provide a standard written assessment and action plan.

Access Consultants responsible for Walk and Talk accessibility audits are, naturally, registered on the UK National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC), while our quality management system has been assessed to ISO 9001:2015 standards ensuring you an excellent service quality.

Utilising our green chroma-key studio, we also deliver sign language videos in-house. If you would prefer a Walk and Talk access audit delivered in a sign language format, please let a member of our team know.

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