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DOBETM certified Universal Design and Accessibility experts.

Established in 2004, we help organizations create inclusive environments that meet and exceed Americans with Disabilities (ADA), Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) and Fair Housing Act (FHA) guidelines.

Our team of people with disabilities gives us a unique insight into how to improve accessibility.

A group photo of the full Direct Access Team at the grand opening of the office. A yellow banner ready to be cut is stretched across the door.
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Enabling you to go beyond mere ADA and local building code compliance to creating inclusive environments.

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Our recording studios and tactile production facilities produce a wide variety of accessible information – empowering people.

A photo of a man's fingers interpreting a tactile braille map board with his left hand while holding a cane in the other.


Key accessible products that make a real and substantial difference to the lives of persons with disabilities.

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A photograph of the front cover of the Access Guide which Direct Access produced for Cannock Chase. The cover has a dark green colour scheme with a mixture of yellow and white text. It reads "Cannock Chase access guide. Welcome to the Access Guide for Cannock Chase". Underneath this text is the Cannock Chase logo. A photograph on the cover shows a young white woman with downs syndrome riding a bike with stabilisers joyfully. Next to her getting in close for a photo is a white male companion who is off his bike and holding it with one hand. He is also smiling happily. Behind them is a bike trail through some woods.

The benefit to providing accessibility and sensory guides for site visitors

The benefit to providing accessibility and sensory guides for your site Whether you are a site owner providing an attraction to the public or are the custodian of a heritage site/museum, Accessibility and Sensory Guides are fast-becoming a standard of the overall visitor experience in public recreation, entertainment, and educational

WC and shower sign in the forest. WC for disabled. Beach resort. Sea and beach in the background.

The Direct Access Guide to Accessible Wayfinding

When we hear the phrase “wayfinding”, what most frequently comes to mind is the application and availability of signage in a particular environment, which is normally used to signify elements of a space that require visitor attention, or offer directional guidance in complex environments, such as shopping centers, hospitals, museums,

A public toilet exterior in Shibuya Ward Tokyo. Three green doors with different symbols representing genders and disability are imprinted on each. in front of the restroom, which is a small, rectangular, white building are a variety of thin trees and plants.

The public restrooms that set the world standard for accessibility

Depending on where you live, the accessibility, frequency, and sanitary quality of local public bathrooms wildly vary. In the United States for example, it speaks to a specific lack of both care and understanding, that local authorities do not invest in accessible and clean public bathrooms, where not only are

A modern living room space with artificial plants decorating a space which includes a coffee table and red armchairs.

How inclusive and accessible design leads to future-proof housing developments

What is inclusive design? In construction, inclusive design is a sustainable, inclusive, and cost-effective design practice, yet is also massively underutilised. For firms that do use inclusive design when approaching new builds, it presents an opportunity for site owners to create built environments that are massively beneficial to every individual

A portrait photo of a smiling middle aged aged Caucasian man wearing a pair of glasses. He is dressed in a grey neck jumper and grey suit jacket. Behind him, the sun reflects on the back of his head through some green trees.

Joe Prochilo joins Direct Access in Massachusetts

WORCESTER, MA, January 8, 2024: Joseph E. Prochilo, MBA, has joined Massachusetts based accessibility and inclusion consultancy Direct Access Consultancy LLC. A certified DOBE™ – Disability Operated Business Enterprise, Direct Access employs a team of 17 people with disabilities working to improve access to buildings and facilities. Mr. Prochilo will

Part of a spacious office with a long aisle and row of desks with business supplies and green plants standing by walls and on workstations.

The health, environmental, and social benefits of Biophilic design

Biophilic design (from the Greek, ‘philia’ meaning ‘love of life’) is an environmental design choice that is being adopted by architects and decorators around the world for modern office spaces and desk-based work environments.  Office spaces, though largely safe and unassuming compared to workplaces of past centuries still provide potential

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