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DOBETM certified Universal Design and Accessibility experts.

Established in 2004, we help organizations create inclusive environments that meet and exceed Americans with Disabilities (ADA), Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) and Fair Housing Act (FHA) guidelines.

Our team of people with disabilities gives us a unique insight into how to improve accessibility.

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Enabling you to go beyond mere ADA and local building code compliance to creating inclusive environments.

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Our recording studios and tactile production facilities produce a wide variety of accessible information – empowering people.

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Key accessible products that make a real and substantial difference to the lives of persons with disabilities.

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A short guide to ADA Transition Planning

The aim of an ADA Transition Plan is to identify and implement improvements to a public-facing site and help it achieve compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards. While many site owners think they might comply with ADA regulations by merely providing a wheelchair-accessible ramp, the reality is

A flyer for the New York Build Expo 2024 featuring a black and white image of a New York skyline and the event's location (Javits Center) and dates (February 13-14).

What to expect from Direct Access founder Steven Mifsud’s talk at the New York Build EXPO

Implementing Accessible Pedestrian Facilities: At the New York BUILD Expo 2024, Steven will present a presentation titled “Accessible Design and Inclusive City Centers: Understanding the Public Right of Way rule”. This bespoke presentation was formulated in response to the news that in August 2023, the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board issued its final

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Achieving Accessible Website Compliancy

Ensuring that your website is fully accessible to disabled people is becoming an increasingly vital element in the success of any institution with a public-facing platform. Whether you are a small charity owner, servant of a local government, or CEO of a large conglomerate business, chances are you also own

A tidy high-rise apartment living room with a green sofa, brown coffee table, small work desk near the windows and a large potted plant gently lit by the sun outside.

How Direct Access reviews apartment buildings for accessibility​

How Direct Access reviews apartment buildings for accessibility The Americans with Disabilities Act sets out clear expectations (in addition to legal precedence) which outlines the ways in which building owners must promote the personal independence and comfort of their residents, of which many of are statistically likely to be disabled,

Direct Access founder Steven Mifsud MBE measuring the level of a concrete pathway with a baseball field in the background.

Direct Access to audit parks in the City of Allen, Texas

Our partnership with the City of Allen, Texas resulted in a contract to complete the self-evaluation and ADA transition plan for all of the city’s parks. Working with City of Allen’s Parks and Recreation Department (PARD), Direct Access conducted ADA field surveys of all the department’s facilities and parks. Overall,

A young female barista in a wheelchair with brown hair holds a jug underneath a coffee machine while pressing a button with her other hand.

How can we make coffee shops accessible?

Modern coffee shops are ground zero for low-pressure social activity for people of all ages, creeds, and backgrounds. However, as the industry dominates in cities across the world, from small independents to the likes of Starbucks, each coffee shop must individually meet the demand for accessibility requirements that their disabled

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