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DOBETM certified Universal Design and Accessibility experts.

Established in 2004, we help organizations create inclusive environments that meet and exceed Americans with Disabilities (ADA), Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) and Fair Housing Act (FHA) guidelines.

Our team of people with disabilities gives us a unique insight into how to improve accessibility.

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Enabling you to go beyond mere ADA and local building code compliance to creating inclusive environments.

A selection of Direct Access' accessible media products laid out on a glass table next to each other. The products include a Giant Print guide, an Easy Read interpretation of a public information document, and a Braille translation of a coffee shop menu.


Our recording studios and tactile production facilities produce a wide variety of accessible information – empowering people.

A photo of a man's fingers interpreting a tactile braille map board with his left hand while holding a cane in the other.


Key accessible products that make a real and substantial difference to the lives of persons with disabilities.

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Two female children smile as a rollercoaster sends them flying down the track. One of them is posing for the camera holding her hands up high.

Developing Accessible and Inclusive Theme Parks

From improving the emotional well-being of disabled people to generating more wholly positive perceptions of accessibility in the public consciousness, creating accessible and sustainable leisure facilities not only creates positive social awareness of disability issues (particularly among non-disabled children) but also allows disabled people from all walks of life the

Senior mother with shopping bags laughing and talking to her daughter while pushing her in a wheelchair in a shopping centre.

Designing inclusive retail stores for accessibility

Designing inclusive retail and shopping spaces for accessibility It is no secret that the rise of E-commerce, quickly accelerated by changes in people’s spending habits and the realities of our world economy, has resulted in physical retail spaces suffering losses in both consumer and business interest. However, while shopping for

A photograph of a Tactile Model of an Eagle with a photograph of a bald eagle put next to it for comparison. Text to the left of the model reads "Accessible Interpretation of Wildlife".

Tactile Objects and Models are the Future of Accessibility

Tactile Objects and Models are the Future of Accessibility Most people with disabilities from their lived experience understand what segregation and exclusion feels like. But ask the average disabled person what accessibility means to them, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a different answer every time.  To a wheelchair

A young Caucasian man who is a wheelchair user eats on the terrace of a restaurant with a Caucasian male friend. The friend assists by cutting his food up with a knife and fork.

How cafés, pubs and restaurants can better serve disabled patrons

How can make coffee shops inclusive and accessible? One of our team’s favorite subjects for blogs, (like this one), is using our combined knowledge of accessibility to make recommendations to business owners about how they can become more inclusive to current and (potentially future) customers with disabilities. Whether that’s by

A photograph of two young male and caucasian teenage wheelchair users in dark blue and white sportswear sit on the corner of an indoor basketball court. A bench with a team captain/coach, a middle aged woman, is sat at a table behind them observing the match.

Direct Access’ Nathan Leese interviewed on International Wheelchair Day

Direct Access’ Nathan Leese interviewed on International Wheelchair Day International Wheelchair Day, observed annually on March 1st, is a global celebration of the profound impact wheelchairs have on the lives of millions around the world. To celebrate the occasion, we sat down to interview wheelchair team member Nathan Leese at Direct

A photograph of the front cover of the Access Guide which Direct Access produced for Cannock Chase. The cover has a dark green colour scheme with a mixture of yellow and white text. It reads "Cannock Chase access guide. Welcome to the Access Guide for Cannock Chase". Underneath this text is the Cannock Chase logo. A photograph on the cover shows a young white woman with downs syndrome riding a bike with stabilisers joyfully. Next to her getting in close for a photo is a white male companion who is off his bike and holding it with one hand. He is also smiling happily. Behind them is a bike trail through some woods.

The benefit to providing accessibility and sensory guides for site visitors

The benefit to providing accessibility and sensory guides for your site Whether you are a site owner providing an attraction to the public or are the custodian of a heritage site/museum, Accessibility and Sensory Guides are fast-becoming a standard of the overall visitor experience in public recreation, entertainment, and educational

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