Steven Mifsud, founder of Direct Access, holds a 3D tactile model replica of a football stadium, with braille-enhanced text underneath which reads "Theatre of Dreams".

Accessible Media

Generating Innovative and Inclusive Media for Everybody

Direct Access produces accessible and inclusive media in a variety of formats, crafting everything from large print social guides, to bespoke sign language videos for major universities, to Easy Read documents for some of the busiest rail services. Our recording studios and tactile production facilities are stationed within the Accessible Media and Innovation Centre, Our recording studios and tactile production facilities are stationed within the Accessible Media and Innovation Centre, managed by a devout team of disabled people who aim to empower others through equal access to information.

Explore the full range of our Accessible Media Department’s variety of services below. Whether you require a tactile map of your site, an accessible “social” guide, or a comprehensive analysis of your website’s accessibility, the Direct Access media division is here to help your service become inclusive and accessible to all.

A photograph of the front cover of the Access Guide which Direct Access produced for Cannock Chase. The cover has a dark green colour scheme with a mixture of yellow and white text. It reads "Cannock Chase access guide. Welcome to the Access Guide for Cannock Chase". Underneath this text is the Cannock Chase logo. A photograph on the cover shows a young white woman with downs syndrome riding a bike with stabilisers joyfully. Next to her getting in close for a photo is a white male companion who is off his bike and holding it with one hand. He is also smiling happily. Behind them is a bike trail through some woods.

Access & Sensory


An old blind man on a park bench listens to an audio description on his phone with his cane leaning against the bench.

Audio description

and transcription

Sign Language and

Captioned Videos

A tactile swell map recreation of the Steven G. Terrall Recreation Centre in Allen Texas with a key featuring information such as child play area, medical bay, and dining area.

Tactile and

Sensory Maps

A young caucasian male student deep in thought taps the mousepad on a laptop as he logs in to an unspecific website. Next to the laptop is a plastic cup of coffee and pieces of paper with a black ball point pen on top.



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