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Direct Access provides American with Disabilities Act (ADA) evaluation and transition plan consultancy going beyond mere compliance to creating innovative accessible communities and facilities for all.

We operate as the prime provider or sub-consultant on many accessibility projects of varying size, serving universities, states, counties, townships, and cities. We help to identify facilities, programs, transportation, parks, sidewalks, public rights of way and services that can be enhanced to meet Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We are highly versed in ADA implementation even exporting American standards to the Middle East where we have worked on diverse projects such as Expo 2020 Dubai. The thematic districts and public realm of this iconic world exposition were designed to ADA requirements.

Our bespoke tablet based systems enable facilities to be identified, best practice and non-compliance elements recorded. Our detailed reports are photo rich, providing a working document for creating barrier-free environments. Accessibility is not just a tick-box exercise. Underpinning our reports is strategic planning and guidance to support implementation of your ADA Transition Plan. We are committed to meaningful and engaging public consultation – our chroma key studio facilities produce digital information videos in American Sign Language with captions and audio description.

WC and shower sign in the forest. WC for disabled. Beach resort. Sea and beach in the background.
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