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Accessible Canada Act 2019

The new Accessible Canada Act is a major step forward for Canadians with disabilities. Organisations under Federal jurisdiction, such as banking, telecommunications and transportation industries as well as the Government of Canada now have specific requirements to create a barrier-free country.

Direct Access is offering our expertise of implementing different international standards and designing solutions within transportation, healthcare and local Government to assist Canadian organisations with achieving this barrier-free goal. We are also working with private sector organisations to implement accessibility legislation from Provincial governments.

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Direct Access Offer Accessibility Appraisals


Our standards benchmarking work selects international best practice and standards that enable Canada to be at the forefront of disability equality. Our Accessibility Appraisals work with architectural and construction firms enable innovative and creative buildings to be designed with access at the outset avoiding costly retrofitting further down the line.

And our accessibility audits review established premises to set out short, medium- and long-term options to increase access. Quite often these are simply low cost yet efficient management procedures.

The 2017 Canadian Survey on Disability identified that more than 6m Canadians aged over 15 (22% of the population) identify as having a disability. Yet only 59% of Canadians with disabilities aged 25-64 are working compared to 80% of Canadians without disabilities. Working in partnership we can change this with innovative solutions that meet local and federal accessibility standards in Canada.



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