DA client the Science Museum Group opens new Energy Revolution Gallery

A side by side image of two exhibits at the Energy Revolution Gallery at the Science Museum representing renewable energy projects on Orkney and tidal turbine blades.

Direct Access clients the Science Museum Group have unveiled a major new (and free) gallery; Energy Revolution: The Adani Green Energy Gallery.

It will explore how the world can generate and use energy more sustainably to urgently reduce carbon dioxide emissions from global energy systems and limit the impact of climate change.

The museum has been split into three separate sections; Future Planet, Future Energy, and Our Future.

Future Planet, visitors can examine how climate scientists use mathematics and complex computer-based models to understand our planet, and what these tell us about the range of climate futures that might lie ahead.  

In Future Energy, technologies – and the people behind them – that are reimagining how energy is supplied and used today are highlighted alongside historic artefacts which provide a longer view of the energy transition away from fossil fuels 

Our Future looks forward to a new world that is being dreamt up, with children’s creative ideas of how the world will meet its future energy needs displayed with expert responses to them.  

During the design period, Direct Access delivered design reviews and accessibility workshops with on-site support to assess key features and assure that the Gallery went above and beyond to deliver the most accessible and inclusive experience possible to visitors. 

Delivering access reviews across each of the stages of design, reviewing exhibit design drawings, graphic and textual exhibit interpretation, and of the Gallery’s interactive and participatory moments.

Additionally, our team facilitated a workshop focusing on creative solutions for potential accessibility issues, generating solutions to potential concerns that arose on the project.

A photo of an old Bersey Cab vehicle and Edison Mains cable on display at the Energy Revolution Gallery at the Science Museum.

A key element of the gallery’s sustainable design was the reuse of redundant shelves from the Science Museum’s former object store to create sustainable plinths. The gallery’s carbon footprint has been monitored and recyclable aluminium was also used where possible. 

Book your free admission ticket to the museum to see Energy Revolution: The Adani Green Energy Gallery here.

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