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Enhanced Accessible QR Codes

In today’s digital age, computers and mobile phones are becoming a key tool in the lives of most disabled people, being used for everything from buying groceries, to arranging doctor’s appointments, to even physical tasks such as opening doors.

By utilising accessible QR code technology and allowing visitors to access information through their phones, site owners can offer disabled people everything from key information about a service, to site maps, to user instructions, wherever they are.

Our innovative QR system and media production facility allows site owners to provide audio description in multiple languages as well as sign language videos.

Not only does providing Sign Language content better your brand and diversify your customer pool to include Deaf people, but it allows you to stand out from competitors, as well as attract non-disabled people who might accompany their Deaf friends. 

In addition, people who are neurodiverse, such as autistic people, people with Down Syndrome, and people with non-verbal or physical impairments such as Cerebral Palsy benefit from QR code technology.

Don’t have a sign language video or audio description yet? Not to worry, Direct Access can help with this as well! Get in touch with our Accessible Media team today to see how we can help your service become more inclusive.

A man in a green polo shirt wearing gloves reaches into a large 3D printer to ready the space for construction of a 3D model.

3D Printed

Tactile Models



An open folder with a simplified, large print accessible menu inside listing a selection of teas and cool refreshing drinks.



An old blind man on a park bench listens to an audio description on his phone with his cane leaning against the bench.

Audio description

and transcription

A young woman signs BSL to a man set opposite her in an office space.


BSL Videos

A large print questionnaire alongside a piece of braille paper with a hand touching it.


and Large print

Direct Lens

Enhanced Accessible Communication

EAC Codes

A row of five swell maps, all detailing the same location - A History Through Objects museum exhibition, spread out on a table at the Direct Access offices.

Tactile and

Sensory Maps

A close up on a white computer keyboard with one green keypad showing the international symbol of access (a symbol of a wheelchair).



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