Isle of Man Health & Social Care

An exterior shot of Spring Meadows Health Centre on the Isle of Man during late afternoon. A few cars are scattered around the car park.

Direct Access has provided accessibility audits for over 70 health and social care partnership sites on the Isle of Man, an undertaking which has included care facilities, residential homes, medical centres, day care services, mental health services, children’s centres, offices, various ambulance centres, Ramsey Cottage, as well as The Nobles hospital – the Isle’s largest hospital with 314 beds, (giving about four beds per 1,000 residents, around the European average).

Referring to the British Standards BS 8300, the Equality Act of 2010 whilst innovating beyond the minimum requirements, Direct Access oversaw reviews of every site’s car parking areas, street furniture, lifts, reception areas, wayfinding signage, lighting & acoustics setup, building management, security, fire escape routes and procedures, as well as the accessibility of the amenities provided by the various health centres including beds and WC’s.

Healthcare on the island is provided via a public health scheme operated by the Department of Health and Social Care for residents and visitors from the UK. 

Direct Access communicated the requirement for centres to facilitate procedures to ask any visitors/clients/participants in advance if they have any access requirements to further minimise the likelihood of accessibility issues across the sites.

Additionally, recommendations were made to install Induction Loops across the site for people with hearing impairments in key areas. These include reception desks, and where where visitors are likely to experience presentations, meetings, or training.

Internationally, the Isle of Man is known for the TT Motorcycle Races, and the Manx cat, a breed with short or no tails.

In 2016, UNESCO awarded the Isle of Man biosphere reserve status.

Jury Health Centre car park and exterior on a cloudy day. The car park is empty save for a few cars.

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