Tacoma Housing Authority, WA

Direct Access are access consultants for the Tacoma Housing Authority, a housing authority providing sustainable, high-quality, stable housing and supportive services to people in need since 1940.

The authority specializes in providing multifamily and single family homes with a wide variety of designs. In partnership with thousands of private landlords, it helps families pay their rent in the private rental market.

Direct Access undertook a staff and customer engagement survey to gather their thoughts about housing accessibility so that Tacoma could sufficiently provide its services to disabled people – many of whom depend on social housing due to economic and social pressures.

Tacoma provided its support to groups such as tenants, parents, students, wage earners and builders of assets who can live without assistance.

Two of the Direct Access team visited the various offices under Tacoma management, which also included training and community facilities. Our consultants ensured that the organization was able to offer facilities which support the needs of current and future employees with disabilities. Direct Access also undertook physical accessibility audits of these offices.

Working closely with Tacoma, we ensured that a truly accessible experience was fostered and ensured that the interpretation, curation and management of sensory interaction was maximized for every citizen or visitor with disabilities, in addition to reviewing the quality of physical access across Tacoma sites.

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