Direct Access attending the SEA Expo and Summit in Saudi Arabia

Sun rising above a cityscape in Saudi Arabia.

Last month, Direct Access announced that we would be exhibiting at Riyadh’s SEA Expo and Summit conference. Direct Access has previously worked to increase accessibility in Saudi Arabia in line with Saudi Vision 2030, including consulting for the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) in Riyadh.

Our team worked closely with Saudi and Middle East Architectural firms, advising on the applicability of the Saudi Building Code, and Mostadam requirements and drawing on international best practices in disability inclusion for People of Determination (disabled people). For this, we consulted on several office developments and educational provision projects.

We are incredibly excited to find out how we can help companies in the entertainment sector understand and utilise the benefits of accessibility, both to People of Determination themselves and their business.

We frequently stress the importance of social and sensory accessibility as well as the physical and digital. Each of these factors determine whether a site or service is meeting best practice standards of access. Within the entertainment sector, which relies entirely on a person’s interpretation of media and often involves digital aspects, we also look forward to speaking in further detail at the Expo about how best this can be achieved.

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