Tactile Braille Map Boards

Tactile Braille Map Video

Many map boards offered to the general public are overly complicated, inaccurate, or inaccessible to disabled people. Direct Access are proud to offer our solution.

Check out the launch video for our Tactile Map Boards and learn what went into creating this innovative wayfinder that is allowing facilities to offer accessible and up to date information to disabled people.

Designed by a team of disabled people

Manufactured using recyclable materials

Serviced regularly with updated audio-visual content

Consultation throughout the whole process

The Tactile Braille Map Board is a static map that utilizes Audio Described and ASL QR codes to allow its users access to digital, portable way finding information on their mobile phone devices.

The physical map board contains information about the environment in which it is situated, as well as a key to identify the various characters on it. All elements on the map are made from Braille, allowing the map to be interpreted both via sight and touch. The accompanying Audio Description QR code generates an audio file that also allows the user to interpret the map’s information via hearing.

Unmatched Inclusive Design

Colored, textural information is displayed in detail using a high contrast palette to further enhance apparency, while bespoke BSL content tailored specifically for each individual map, eliminates the need for an in-person interpreter by providing descriptive, easily updated navigation information.

The map board can also be used by non-disabled people as any other static map.

  • Details thought through: The Tactile Braille Map Board features detailed Braille touchpads for each character of the map and key, with pictorial symbols for children, complimented by a tasteful yet attractive color contrast, and an instantly recognisable layout.
  • Quality you can trust: All our map boards are built by a trusted UK manufacturer.
  • Color customisable: Available in seven different colors to suit your branding (subject to RNIB guidelines).
  • Sustainable: The steel frame of the map can be recycled.
  • Regular Updates: Unlike static maps that require manual installation of fresh information, Tactile Braille Map Boards operate with dynamic content updates as and when the owner requires them. This means that any new information the owner provides to Direct Access will become accessible within the QR audio-visual content by users within days in a BSL or audio-described format.


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