Care Home Evacuation

The state of California is aging faster than the rest of the country and demand for care facilities is rising. Already, California regulates around ten thousand long-term care facilities, from small assisted living homes to large skilled nursing centers. In a world where people are living longer and healthier lives and wildfires are becoming increasingly common, the need for suitable and effective evacuation equipment is vital to further protect our elderly loved ones.

Direct Access can provide your facility with comfortable and lightweight fire evacuation solutions suitable for the elderly, mobility-impaired or persons with learning difficulties. We also offer an inclusive training course designed and curated by our disabled team of service engineers.

California saw its largest wildfire of the year last week in the midst of a heatwave that firefighters are still struggling to contain, with neighboring state Nevada even evacuation its citizens. A few days prior to these events, our team produced the video linked below to urge care homes in California to consider evaluation of their evacuation procedure and equipment specifically for these often life or death scenarios. The video was not produced in response to or with knowledge of last weekend’s events, yet these appalling wildfires only further demonstrate the need for preparing suitable evacuation equipment for disabled persons if circumstances like this are ever repeated.

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