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Americans with Disabilities Act

Direct Access’ ADA Access Appraisals review architectural plans and drawings for architectural and construction firms to enable innovative, creative and functional buildings to be designed with access at the outset avoiding costly retrofitting further down the line.

We utilise the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, the International Building Codes, ICC A117.1-2009 standards, Section 504, the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and any relevant state or city code to match your location. In California for example, this can be Chapter 11B – Accessibility in Public Buildings and in Ohio, the City of Cincinnati’s Code. What may be compliant in one state could be different in another. Our international expertise in Code development and benchmarking ensures that you are kept ahead of evolving development and legislative changes.

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Accessibility Audits

Our accessibility audits review established premises to set out short, medium- and long-term options to increase access. Survey firms that undertake building condition surveys usually address ADA compliance on a very basic level as part of their overall reports. Direct Access reports are produced with detailed photographic records and indicate proposed solution(s) and budget costings enabling you to plan with confidence.

Disability access – for us, its personal

Each of our IAAP Certified Access Consultants has personal experience of disability, giving them a unique insight into the barriers that people with disability face.

That’s why organisations across the government, health care, education, services, public transport and retail sectors trust us to get it right, and we work closely with clients to find the most cost-effective way to implement access for Americans with disabilities.



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