Direct Access collaborates with Architects and project partners within design teams to provide accessibility reviews at each stage of design and construction. This enables potential ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance deficiencies to be identified and addressed.

We review design documents and drawings, product submittals and tender documentation. This can also include verifying compliance of specified manufactured products.

Design support can range from addressing single issues to entire developments. We work with a diverse range from small housing complexes to large multi-serviced office buildings.

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It may not be clear which combination of federal, state, and local codes applies to projects. Interpretations of requirements are not always black and white. There may be opportunities for greatly enhanced access not even covered in requirements. Local city or county codes may have more restrictive requirements that provide greater access than state or federal regulations.

For example, in Californian restrooms the height of the paper towel dispenser control must be a maximum of 40” while in the 2010 ADA Standard it is a maximum of 48”.

Many of our clients are surprised to find that efforts to meet ADA requirements are usually not expensive or intrusive.

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