Jude Mifsud

Jude Mifsud officially joined Direct Access in 2009 after graduating from Chester University, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in business management.

While studying at university, Jude discovered she was epileptic, and became actively interested in disability rights,. However, it wasn’t until after meeting Steven that providing disability access for others became a life calling.

During the early years of the company, Jude began as Steven did by carrying out accessibility audits on the ground, while simultaneously acting as a company administrator, business co-ordinator, and accessibility project manager.

Jude joined Steven in generating exposure for the company throughout the following ten years, assisting at exhibitions in the UK and Qatar.

Jude took a brief intermission from her position at Direct Access after being diagnosed with cancer.

After successfully battling the illness in 2022, Jude re-joined the company and continues to represent Direct Access at exhibitions and is on the board of directors.

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