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View Article: ADA Accessible Parking Procedures

ADA Accessible Parking Procedures

If you own or operate a business property, understanding how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) impacts on accessible parking provision for your visitors is essential.   The ADA is a federal law designed to protect the rights of Americans with disabilities by prohibiting discrimination and guaranteeing equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

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View Article: Evacuation for California Care Facilities

Evacuation for California Care Facilities

The state of California is aging faster than the rest of the country and demand for care facilities is rising. Already, California regulates around ten thousand long-term care facilities, from small assisted living homes to large skilled nursing centers.

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View Article: Evacuation in Assisted Living Schemes

Evacuation in Assisted Living Schemes

Everyone has the right to be evacuated safely during an emergency. By the very nature of the situation, residents of Assisted Living Schemes and nursing homes are most likely to require assistance with evacuation.

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View Article: What is a Hearing Loop?

What is a Hearing Loop?

Imagine not being able to hear the speaker across the roar of a crowd, the bank teller, or a bus driver over the noise of an engine. For many of the one in twenty of the American population with some form of hearing loss, this is a daily reality.

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View Article: Direct Access Founder Steven Mifsud Appointed MBE

Direct Access Founder Steven Mifsud Appointed MBE

Profoundly deaf Steven Mifsud, founder of Clearwater-based disability consultancy firm Direct Access has been awarded an MBE for services to International Trade in the United Kingdom Queen’s 2021 Birthday Honours list.

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View Article: Accessibility in historic buildings

Accessibility in historic buildings

Historic properties are not exempt from ADA requirements – they must take steps to become accessible to the greatest extent possible.

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